Thursday, November 6, 2014

Yes Eldrad is a F¥©£ing MORON!

Hey guess what! I am a moron!

My first printing of Basic BttDRPG with four races and four classes is a waste of paper!

This MORON forgot the Wizard!

Yay! I am so brilliant!

I was about to place this first of many BttDRPG Zines in my FLGS but I am a moron and the universe is a cunt.

I need to realise that the entire world and universe is against my game.


  1. Who's your proof-reader or editor? Having a second set of eyes, preferably one who knows RPGs, is always good. If you can't get anyone else, try leaving the manuscript alone for a week and then come back to it.
    I hope the printing did not cost you too much. This is indeed a fantasy heart-breaker.

  2. Yes it is really funny amazing how much you can miss on your own manuscripts. I have no proofreaders at this time. I got my 20 copies for "free and clear" as we say in guerilla zine lingo. Now I have to reuse and rerisk the printing facility/office.