Sunday, October 19, 2014

Neoclone Quest akin to jousting windmills.

So what is this foolish quest we are on? Yes I say "we" because like me there's many a fool out there writing their own neoclone and/ or retroclone.

Why are we doing this?

At least for myself I always wanted a version of "The Fantasy Game" in a form like the old days in simplicity mixed with the new school choices of race and class.

So has the new Dungeons and Dragons invalidated the neoclones? What about retroclones?

Is it going to be the final version of " The Fantasy Game" that satisfies everyone?


  1. Well, of course it isn't. It is good; I rather like it though I'm still really just learning it. But it certainly has a lot of "moving parts".

    People like their house rules. The ability to customize a game to one's liking, players, and situations has always been one of the greatest things about tabletop RPGs. But it's always easier to add things to a game system then to take them out. So for those purposes, the earlier and simpler versions of the game will always be valued.

  2. That's it, neoclones and the like are really people's house rules.

    Some are just "official" since they are being paid by WOTC to write them.