Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Hell Froze Over

Well it's just what the title said.

Hell froze over: Someone actually ran a Labyrinth Lord/ Advanced Edition Companion game in my area!

It happened last Saturday and it was fun. One of the local gamers had a game day at our FLGS. From 10 to 6 of gaming fun!

I already had quite a few LL/AEC characters ready to go so I helped everyone I could to get characters ready. For a group of 8 people it only took 30 minutes.  We played a small module and did not get done with it but many encounters were done.  We were also having a contest on who could miss in combat and roll more ones but it was still fun.

Possibly some time in February we shall finish the module but I don't know yet.

The best part I met some real nice people and everyone seemed to get along. Just a real good vibe all day.

What was funny was there was another game trying to get started of Rogue Trader. They sat there for around 5 to 6 hours and did not even finish characters. Very cool system but damn what happened to the old % WFRP rules that it was based on?

It was real quick to make a charter in the old 1st edition WFRP! After all that time building a character I hope they did something about the death rate!

SO I reconnected with some of my old gamer buddies and we are most likely going to get the old Pathfinder game back started but with NO megadungeons. There may be a dungeon that becomes one as time progresses but that will have to progress organically.

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