Sunday, January 19, 2014

A Fantasy Version of My World

Around 2006 I formed the SWLA_Gamers Society and created a very popular setting with my players at that time called Lake Charlemagne which was a fantasy version of Lake Charles, LA and surrounding areas using the 3.5 D&D rules.

Near the end of the campaign one of the players kinda accidentally killed all the others in a fireball to necklace of fireballs explosion.  Thus ending the campaign, thus allowing evil to win, thus pissing off all the other players, thug fragmenting my group.

I thought 4th Edition would have been the answer to all the min-maxing and such but 4th Edition was not very long lived with me.

Many years later and greater I rekindle the world after my sojourn into the OSR has yielded no fruit save last weekend's game.

On and off I was fiddling with Pathfinder and trying to find ways to make running it more manageable and I think I have with my six box tables from a few post ago.

I was also thinking about updated the Lake Charlemagne setting to Pathfinder and earlier last year I had worked on a few things.

A few weeks ago my wife, two daughters, and my middle daughter's boyfriend got together and played some Pathfinder LC and it went well. A Fletchling Rogue,  Elf Barbarian, Elf Rogue, and an Elf Ranger (Bow)

Last night my wife and two daughters, My two friends and their son and little daughter all played again. Elf Druid, Elf Barbarian, Elf Rogue, Half Elf Barbarian, Elf Ranger (Bow), Elf Ranger (Two Weapon), and a Panda Girl. 

Character creation was painfully slow as my Kindle died and we only had one book.  I made a panda character for the little girl and she actually played very well at 7.

The game kinda went slow but now characters are out of the way and they are on their way to exploring a haunted factory.

They have heard that three noble maidens have went missing and it is the talk of the town. After very little talking they found out that there have been MANY young ladies go missing but they were not of noble blood so nothing is being done. They also found out there has been quite a few mutilated bodies found of all ages and type the last few years.

The missing ladies seem to all have one thing in common, they were all at the lavish balls that the Truebloods and the Highbloods throw for the Mudbloods to see if they can become Newbloods. 

The group being made up of mostly Elf blood decide the Rogue would pose as an Elven Noble Princess and get into the balls. After a foolish attempt to shoplift a dress and nearly getting attacked by the guards they met an Elvish Fop who provided them with a fine dress, jewelry, and invitations.

They went to a ball hosted by the Salliers a rather respectable family of Truebloods. They saw a few suspicious characters and started to follow when they heard the sounds of two fops screeching for help. They said they had lurked beyond the gates to the Ruined Civic District and some really evil looking Characters had taken their three courtesan girls that they were traveling with.

One of the fops had a bite on his hand. When asked they said they had foolishly snuck into the Ruined Civic District to explore an abandoned factory to retrieve a fabled Golden Cog. The Half Elf barbarian tackled and stripped the other Fop to see if there were any bites on him and they tied them up.

The Druid tested them with Holy Water to see if there was a reaction but none of them "seemed" to be undead. The bite did fizzed though. They Rogue wanted to kill them both in case they were vampires but the party decided to just leave them gagged.

What they don't know is they have now made enemies with a Noble Family and I will be using Game of Thrones type treachery! Every action they do will have consequences good or bad!

They finally went into the civic district and found random dead bodies of unknown origins. A mystery of this place.

The city streets have an eerie quiet except for the faint and distant sounds of screams and or weeping. The street lamps burn still. Lights go on and off in buildings with no entrances. Sewers overflow. There are always 1d6 corpses rotting on the street that none can identify.

They discovered Kobolds so far and after a falling brick trap they had to go back to the Tavern and rest.

The next game is going to be very full of action. Characters are out of the way and now it's all play.

Now why did this old schooler decide to use Pathfinder instead of some old school game or use his own BttDRPG?  Well, I would rather play than stand on a damn mountain of my own pride. 

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