Sunday, July 7, 2013

Back to the Dugeon RPG All in One Rulebook, Refomatted, Still is Rough Form

Well I have done a little bit of editing on BttDRPG. Reformatted it into a larger print and put it on a one document form. 
The BttDRPG has turned out far better than I thought. 

We have been play testing it on and off and the spellcasters don't seem to be overpowered with my spellpoint version. I may have to weaken the spells a bit. 

The class "ROLL a 20 and cool stuff happens" satisfied the modern gamers and the old school gamers as well.  In fact that has been the most well received aspect of BttDRPG.

It seems that many of the issues that the old schoolers had with the older versions of the game have been satisfied. 

Class/Race Restrictions
Level Limits
Worthless Low Level Spell Casters 
All poisons being instant Death
Non Unified Mechanic
Rather Complicated Attribute Bonuses in the Advanced Version

Old Schoolisms I won't be getting rid of and New Schoolims I won't be adding...
 Easy to die if you are foolhardy
You WON'T HAVE to know the rules to play
You won't have to learn large amounts of rules to Game Master
The Six Attributes 
The Basic Bonuses
Ability to totally customize your world
Ability to personalize your Character
No Skill List only a background story
No Feats ever
Game Master Fiat

I may have another person Game Mastering my game in a few weeks AND I may also gain an editor as well.

It is a slow process but I don't have a schedule.

What I hope to achieve is a (local) large group(s), sharing the same setting, multiple GMs, large pool of players, and possibly an old school type zine news letter. Kinda like what happened with the Ryth Chronicles.


  1. I downloaded the up to date all-in-one version. I think it's turning out great.

  2. BTW, I posted the initial ideas for a Back to the Dungeon science fiction variant on my blog and also on the yahoo group.