Saturday, November 5, 2011

Hero's Mag PART DUEX!

My Friday, April 2, 2010 post of Hero's Mag a nearly free-form superhero role playing game has a few changes. The number AFTER the result is a difficulty if you want to assign a difficulty number to roll against. The next is an elaboration on character creation. Read the old post and then read this one. What do you think? I was amazed on the negative reaction I got on the Forge. Most gamers can't wrap their head around free-form.

When you want to make a character you need to forget all that you know about attributes, hit points, and anything else you have learned from other RPGs. Remember what you have learned on Free Form RPG boards on the Internet. If they work there they will work here. There is a dice roll mechanic but it exist “outside” the game itself. The players write up Characters and give the Characters reasonable powers and equipment based on the power level being played. The game master will have the final say on “how powerful” your character is.

First chose a power level of your character.

Four Color – This is you standard superhero comic book. In this level cars get throw around the place and building are leveled.
Teen Supers – Here the players are young super powered beings with the problems of youth and the problems of superpowers.
Street Level – In this play level the players are against street thugs and mafia. There are a few superheroes and supervillains lurking around but most are low powered.
Epic – Here are the planet sized adventures where the planet, solar system, galaxy, or the very fabric of time and space is in danger. Seven points (or more) Perfection Maximum.

Second Choose a Concept. There is a large list of Super Hero Concepts farther back in the book.

There may be a concept that I missed that's fine write it up and submit it for a future Hero's Mag's Ultimate Concept Book.

Third elaborate on the character's concept.

Here are a few guidelines called the 8 Ms. Discuss the 8 Ms of the character concept if they are above or below average.
-Might or how resistant to damage and harm.
-Muscle or how strong you are compared to an average human.
-Moves or your agility and speed.
-Mind as is how strong mind is and will power.
-Manipulation as in your personality and manipulative ability.
-Martial as in your raw brawling ability.
-Missile as in your accuracy at ranged combat.
-Mystical is your intuition and ability to manipulate arcane forces.
What is his physical description? What is his personality?

Forth discuss your Powers, Abilities, Devices, and Skills.

How powerful they are and what they do. It's fine to add an array of powers, devices, and abilities just don't go overboard.

Fifth is background.

Does your character have a life other than super heroics? What does he do for a living? What hobbies does he have? What is his social status and wealth? Many of these backgrounds will provide skills and abilities that may provide useful in some game events.

Sixth is Mental and Physical Condition

Does your character have a bad back? Is he afraid of the dark? Has he an addiction to drugs? Is he completely healthy? All these are noted on the sheet. This is also the area where you note damage from combat.

Seventh is Equipment

What do you have equipment wise? You and the game master get together and discuss your hero's equipment and then your person equipment such as home and cars.

Eighth guideline is all these “rules” are just guidelines! The point is to have fun!


  1. You don't happen to have that in a document somewhere do you?

  2. Yes I do but it needs someone to edit it.

  3. Since I'm already helping out on CFRPG, how about hooking me up with a copy? I would be more than happy to edit. I love supers game but I am looking for something like this that is rules-light. As good a game as Champions is, I'm getting too old for the crunch.

  4. Dude all I can say is with my girls playtesting it it flowed completely well.

    They were super powered middle schoolers. They were attacked by an evil sewer golum that was in the guise of a Japaneses school girl. She was looking for a seal to unleash a great evil in the world when all three parts are combined and the ritual performed. Her creator also gave her the souls and dreams of a teenage girl so she hates herself being made of sewage. Imagine a grotesque Japanese school girl dripping wet of sewage. When she monsters out she is an amorphous living mass of sewage.

    Walls were destroyed and parts of the school were collapsed in the battle as well as many students were injured or killed before she stole the Seal and got away.

    It's been playetested many times and works great with new gamers or really skilled story gamers. Rule's Lawyers and Munchkins hate it because there is nothing for them to take advantage of or max out. There would be if they would just being a hemorrhoid.

    I have a Sci-Fi and Fantasy version.

  5. I've VERY interested in seeing all 3 versions of the rules!