Saturday, November 26, 2011

Monster List from CFRPG

Nope Eldrad is not dead. Almost but not yet. Working on monsters.

Here is the Monster List from CFRPG. Damn there seems to be a huge shortage of monsters from level 7th to 11th. Got any ideas out there? I will include the Easy to create monster rules below the monster list so feel free to create away!

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0- Bat Cat Dogmen Goblin Rat

1- Bat,Giant Bee Centipede Dwarves,Dark Dark One Deepmen Dog, Common Dwarf Eagle Elf Elf, Dark Ferret Fey,Tiny Fey,Winged Fly Ghost Halfling Hawk Human Mermaid Orc Rat, Giant Ratmen Skeleton

2-Ant,Worker Baboon Badger Beetle,Blue Cat, Large Cavemen Dinosaur,SC Wardog Dolphin Dryad Fallen Fish,Scaler Flamedead Frogmen Ghoul Gnoll Green Slime Hobgoblin Horse, Pony Lizard, Screamer Ooze, Brown Rat,Dire Saurians Serpent Vampire Spawn Wolf Zombie

3-Ant,Warrior Beetle,Glow Bugbear Camel Choker Cow, Heifer Dinosaur,SH Donkey Horse,Riding Lizard,Spitting Wolfrat Wererat Wight Wolf,Black

4- Ape Bear BlinkDog Cat,Great Centaur Cow,Bull Crab Dino,MC Dopplganger Ethereal Fiend Fish,Reaper Gargoyle Gorgon Harpy Hawk,Giant Horse,War Lizard,Hunter Mule Nymph Oger Pegasus Scorpion Spider,Hunter Tentacle Unicorn Werewolf Wolf,Dire Wraith

5- Beetle,Stag Boar Cockatrice Crocodile Eagle,Giant Elemental Ettercap Ferret,Giant Horse,Work Ooze,Yellow Vampire,Lesser Weasel,Dire

6-Basilisk Bargheist Bear,Grizzley Cat,Sabertooth Cloker Cyclops Demon,Reaver Dinosaur,MH Displacer Drider Elephant Formorian Frog Manticore Minotaur Mummy Rhinoceros Slug Specter Stalker Troll

7- Dragon,Swamp Griffin Oooze,Black

8-Bar,Hunter Chimera Dinosaur,LC Dragon,Forest Giant,Hill Hellhound Shambler

9-Bulette Dragon,Desert Roc Treeman

10-Ant,Queen Bear,Dire Devil Dragon,Fire Ettin Genie Giant,FOrest Hydra Mastodon Rhinoceros,Dire Toad Vampire


12-Dinosaur,LH Devourer



15- Delver

16- Dinosaur,HC


Monster have AC, HD, Movement. The descriptions are deliberately left vague and simple in order for you to customize your game world.

AC is the Armor Class. Here below is the table to explain.
None Skin 10
Padded or tough skin 11
Leather Fur or very tough skin 12
Studded Leather Scales Fur with very tough skin 13
Chain Chitin Bone Plates Wood 14
Scale Stone 15
Plate Metal 16
Shield adds +1,+2, or +3
Small Adds +1
Quick or Tricky Adds +1
Very Quick or Tricky adds +2
Extremely Quick or Tricky +3
Magical +1 and up
Large Subtracts -1
Huge Subtract -2

Armor Class m=Magic is the only way this creature can be harmed. Normal weapons simply bounce off or the wound instantly heals and e=elemental means that the attack must be from some elemental source such as earth, air, fire, or water as described in monster description and s=silver means silver weapons must be used to hit this creature. A Plus + mean Armor can give greater AC

Hit Dice are how many d6 that you roll for the monster's hit points. All monster save at +1 for every 2 hit dice for attacking and any skill check unless there is another modifier listed. Saves against monster's spells or poisons is at 10 + ½ Hit Dice Some monsters may have an additional save against certain types of attacks.

Movement is how many feet the monster moves per round in combat or in a turn on a map. If there are different modes here will be the symbols: Flying = f, Burrowing =b, Jumping = j Swimming = s, and Climbing = c

Making Monsters! I fully expect with these simple rules that you make your own monsters Use the information provided to help you out. Send them to me and I will put them in a future book. AC HD Move

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