Tuesday, March 23, 2010

What to do? Should I use OSRIC or LL and the AEC?

Should I use OSRIC or LL and the AEC?

Both are good.

Both have merits and such.

My FIRST experience with gaming was the Basic Set with the Earl Otus cover so LL is a natural fit and with the AEC it plugs in the "advanced" style of play with the "basic" style of play.

OSRIC is the "advanced" style of play apologetically.

Which system do you like out there and why?


  1. I have the 1e books and am DMing it for my son. I will soon be playing in a campaign that uses (because of my encouragement) LL and AEC (the DM didn't like OSRIC). From what I can see, the two are, more or less, the same. I'm a die-hard AD&Der (played it and DMed it back in the day) but I have no problems with LL and AEC.

  2. When I am developing adventures I always struggle with which system to use. I like bits from each, but all are good. I guess I would lean towards OSRIC because I, like Daddy Grognard, prefer the AD&D feel. But I have copies of every retro clone so I am armed to play any system.

  3. Flip a coin. If your first reaction is "Aw. Why did I get that one?" then use the one you didn't get.

    Me, I like LL + AEC because I can add stuff from the AEC but I can also omit it.

  4. Well, I use Swords & Wizardry with additional classes/spells from AE and monsters/charts/items/etc from OSRIC, so I guess I'd be a bad person to ask... :)

  5. I like LL a little better, but that's me. Pick one, try it out for a session or two, and switch if it isn't feeling right. Or play a session of each, and see which runs better for you.

  6. LL + AEC and use whatever extra bits you like from OSRIC, it does have some nice ones.

    Or make a Frankenstein edit of them in one collated PDF and print that out. >_>

  7. I have to say that I like LL + AEC because generally it resembles the weird mishmash of Moldvay and AD&D that I used to play with my friends as a kid.