Monday, March 22, 2010

TARGA Controversy and the OSR.

TARGA Controversy and the OSR.

As an almost libertarian (in belief but not in the party) and almost anarchist I never want the freedom of speech and expression of another held back as long as I know what their content of information is.

The poster of the "I Hit With My Axe" did nothing maliciously. He posted what he felt was TARGA worth news. The short film was from the Blog "DnD with porn stars".

They seem like sweet cool girls and from the short snippets seem to really be gaming.

A few people were surprised by the content and dropped out of TARGA.

My suggestion (and there will be no more discussion with this) is invite back the people that quit and promise to post a warning on any possible adult content BUT for the most part try and keep TARGA growing and out of controversy.

I live in South West Louisiana and did suffer through the D&D Inquisition of the 80s. We don't need that to happen again but at the same time we don't need to dumb down and edit OUR games for the approval of others who HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH GAMING lest we have another 2nd edition AD&D!

TARGA is a great thing and this needs to first be made whole then this situation moved on from.

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