Sunday, June 14, 2009

Odd Earth

My original Odd Earth concept and post on the old ODD Guild site was a very simple concept. I finally found the old file that contained the original post on my old computer.


Odd Earth
Odd Earth is our world in a lost ancient time. The ice caps are huge and there are now massive continents making the oceans and seas smaller. The world is very primitive as volcanoes and savage storms beat down upon mankind. Lands can be changed and destroyed by the violent earthquakes, floods, and other disasters. Some lands have disappeared all together. Different areas of the world will correspond to the cultures and lands of history and today but in a more magical ancient forgotten time.
It is a time of great and terrible wars (Chainmail anyone?) that tear across the different lands destroying and conquering. Odd Earth is very sparsely populated and with all its centuries of wars and destruction the lands are filled with forgotten dungeons and crypts.
There is a land that lies many miles from what will be off the coast of England. This land long flooded and forgotten is a land full of ancient tales.

It all starts in a little Barony far southeast in the borderland frontier…

The little growing village lies right outside the Baron's castle. From here you shall adventure and clear out the dungeons in the area. This village like the Odd Earth shall grow into a town in a few years and then a city. The players themselves may become barons and start their own Baronies. All is rumored not well. To the south the Black Dragon's goblins attack outlying farms and lumber camps. To the east the villain only know as the Black Baron is harassing and claiming some of the lands of this fair Barony. To the north a vile army of the undead frequently attacks small settlements. The baron is loyal to the King to the east though none from this village have ever traveled to his lands.

Far into the eastern lands is the rumored city of Babylon, a city older than any other built before time, a city of a thousand gods. It is where the Emperor of the world lives.


Where most people go wrong with making a setting is they start with a huge map and then try to fill it with details. Even with a large group you just can't do it. My Original concept for Odd Earth was to start out with a small land and completely detail it then expand in all directions from that map.

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