Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Well I have been unemployed for 5 weeks. Should have would have could have lot's of projects. I will be starting up on the first back at the plant that laid me off.

Should I call my setting Odd Earth? When I originally posted about it on the Odd Guild many years ago it was seemingly ignored. The Odd Guild ends and then restarts and lo and behold a setting with the name I came up with: Odd Earth.

I of course joined the group but no one gave me credit for the concept. I suppose that none remember. I did mention another direction to go with Odd Earth but not one person has responded.

Does it matter really? I hope not.

I am still going to work on a setting that starts from the inside out. Almost every campaign setting starts out with a huge world map that they cannot possibly finish. It will be a very European and primordial setting. A barony upon a hill with a rather large town. A barony foolishly built on ruins that unbeknown to the town people is a huge rotting dungeon. The Barony was a former dungeon reclaimed by the current's baron's father. It is the farthest to the west of the frontier lands. Some 14 days to the east is the great imperial city which will not be detailed until I get to it.

The Barony shall be Map 0, 0 on an 8.5 x 11 inch piece of paper. The first number is Vertical and the second Horizontal Positive (up and left) negative (down and right). Perhaps someone shall take interest once I get the first map down. I want it to be totally old school as crude hand drawn maps and dungeons. I want the artwork to be crude line drawings. Most of all I want the story to be good.

If this ever gets done (as well as Temple of the Monkey God) I may just LULU it myself. All my notes on the Barony really are looking good. I want a "Towns of the Outlands" type document that one can read over and just enjoy it even if they never play it. Most of all it shall not become a job but a work of joy.

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