Monday, July 3, 2023

STONEHELL on the Borderlands Play Report!


I just got done playin the STONEHELL on the Borderlands OSE Powered RPG! 

The game was awesome! 

Gotri The Dwarf Fighter

Jeri Rollins the Hippy Druid! 


Stonus Blakdiamondous the Dwarven Fighter! 

We partied at the Keep! 

Could not find any damn good retainers. 

Left and headed toward the STONEHELL dungeons.

Went to the gatehouse. 

Went down the spiral staircase to the WESTERNMOST cave entrance. 

Me and the other dwarf fell into a pit. Got hurt real bad!

Went further and talked to some fellow dwarves.  They were exploring the ancient knowledge of some ancient dwarves. We became friend and allies but they would not adventure with us because the needed a month to study this room.

Headed south and with the druid talked to some rats. 

From the rat room we met some orcs and it was not friendly. 

Fought the orcs and the druid got reinforcements from the dwarves friends. 

The orcs retreated and so did we.

We took two days and made it BACK to the keep!


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