Tuesday, June 7, 2022

Terror in the Old Fell Forest


You all meet in a a loud and smokey tavern! It's a sad time for the quaint village of Valehaven. For the bawdy son of the portly mayor and his foppish and foolish friends have went missing. The foolish group of young adventurers went North into the Old Fell Forest some two weeks ago. They sadly and alarmingly have not returned. Dark and ominous tales are whispered about the foul Old Forest.

Adventurers have come forth to see if they can help, kill stuff, make some gold and get XP!

The party is hired by the portly mayor to find out the whereabouts of a foolish group of adventurers far to the north into the Old Forest. The mayor Miles Kaxzwell is a pale fat balding winy self righteous type of man who truly believes himself far superior to others as he is of noble blood! 

His "son" and his adventuring party of his friends, left a few weeks ago and nothing has been heard from them since. The people of Valehaven don't seem to be sad at all. 


Just an old school gamer with a computer, scratch paper, pencils and pens who writes trashy little pulp old school zines so don't expect any high production values or high literature. I like to add in the old Folk Horror aspects form old movies as well. Especially the late 60s to early 70s Folk Horror movies where there were no heroes and everyone sucked!