Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Sci Fi Primordial RPG


Make a character.

Get information on the setting.

Come up with a name and a concept for a character for the setting.

Come up with an outstanding feature such as "Strong, Tough, Quick or whatever"

Have a small description of what you do such as " The Swordsman, The Charmer, The Best Damn Pilot, The Gun Slinger, The Merc, The Wizard, The Time Traveler" as a guide. Other details will come out in play as needed.

Come up with you physical and mental status if any. If your character has any disabilities, mental illnesses or whatever.

Obtain some possessions and wealth for your character if any.

Start playing.

Roll a 2D6

The higher the roll the better the outcome.

A 1 on any roll means something bad. Double 1s mean the worst possible outcome.

A 6 on any roll means something good. Double 6s mean the best possible outcome.

A 7 for an average difficulty. Lower the number if the person is skilled.

Combat: All involved roll. The high roll gets to say what happened.

Some bad guys will have a difficulty of 3 to 12 and most are defeated when their number is rolled or higher. Within a few points of the number, dramatic injuries and such can be narrated.

If you are running the game then come up with some sort of world and story for the characters. Only come up with what you need to tell this story.

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  1. I like this -- looking for sixes is a good way to introduce "specials" 1/6 of the time. What wold you do on a 7 when both 6 & 1 and rolled?