Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Primordial Freeform/Rules Light Role Playing Games the Movement

So it looks like there are people doing (some have been doing it for decades) the Freeform Rules Light stuff like my DUNGEONPUNK RPG!  Nothing is original under the sun anymore but many of these methods we're back in the day. 

What pioneers that Wesley and his Braunsteins were that inspired Dave Arenson to create Blackmoor that later in inspired Dave and Gary Gyax to create Dungeons and Dragons. 

They played loose and free as there were no rules, they made it up and it was fun so they kept doing it. All they did was roll a dice to decide! 

I call that style PRIMORDIAL Role Playing!

So who is out there promoting, playing, and writings PRIMORDIAL RPGs? 

There is RPG Tinkerage which has inspired me to write Tales From the Green Dragon Inn and even write more DUNGEONPUNK RPG stuff.  His site always has great little tidbits of rules and such. My only problem is the blogger doesn't post enough! He always has something interesting. 


There is Darkworm Colt and his fantastic take on the early days of PRIMORDIAL RPGs.  I have been visiting his site over and over mining it for various ideas and inspirational contents.  Many stories if how they did it BEFORE there were rules! True PRIMORDIAL RPGs talking! There are also a few mentions of Sword & Backpack which was more of a reminder of my old Novel system and one of the inspirations for DUNGEONPUNK RPG. 


Let's not forget to celebrate Sword and Backpack which is a work of genius in it's Freeform simplicity. Not just that but it's punk rock presentation that somehow also captures the fantasy game. I would love to see more love spread towards this little game.  It's so similar to my Novel RPG system that it partly inspired me to write my Freeform fantastic system DUNGEONPUNK RPG. 


There is Into the Odd which is such a cool ass game! I can't stress how cool and simple this game is yet so deep of a story. Then the offshoot inspired by such as Maze Rats and such. 


There is Chirine the ancient one. This guy has a treasury of PRIMORDIAL Role Playing techniques from the original gamers Dave Arneson and MAR Barker. Most of his site is dedicated to Tekumel and is rather daunting but worth the time to take a look at how fantastic a world can be made. Imagine being an actual character in a world equivalent to another Tolkien and Middle Earth and that's what MAR Barker and Tekumel is.  His video on how they played back then is great! Very interesting videos and such. 


We can't forget to mention the documentary The Secrets of Blackmoor as it shows "The Blackmoor Bunch" and how they rolled back then. 


Are there any others that I missed? Are their games sites and blogs that are also talking about the PRIMORDIAL style of Role Playing?


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