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It's called Axis Mundi and it's a Virtual World. Post 2.0

It's called Axis Mundi and it's a Virtual World.

The world is not pay to play. One can go far without ever spending a dime. One can actually make items and sell them in  transactions. Any sell, the Axis Mundi corporation gets a percentage. One can also do pretty well if they spend.

Obviously one gets far more if they actually pay but the VR world has to be worth paying for.

Avatar Builder - You can build your Avatar, pick one, randomize one, or buy one.  You can put your Avatar up for sale if you wish.

Your Base Life of 100
Your Base Armor of 0
When you go to 0 Life you are Xed.
In some worlds there is a RESERVED Xed status where you respawn after taking X amount of damage. That way you don't have to loose all your COIN.
You heal  slowly.
Stim/ Potion/ Bandage heals 10 and they pop up as well. There are also Coin based heal stations. You respawn in your last spot you slept in or at Spawn Point.
You have an ID card that you can show if you want.
There are no floating names above the heads of the other players. You won't know if it's an NPC, Mob, or Player.

You also have Karma. Doing good deeds gives you positive Karma and doing bad deeds gives you negative Karma. No limit to how high or how low your Karma can go. The lower the Karma, the less places you can go. Positive/Negative Karma may allow you special permission to do certain things.

Everyone starts off in the Nexus. The Nexus is like a giant convention center and hotel. Here you get your first room. It's free but you can get upgraded apartments. A group can pool resources and get a gaint apartment. You can also build you a home in the Build Worlds as well as buy prebuilt houses. You can decorate the place with your spoils. Lock your doors. From the Nexus you can go to any number of worlds. You better not start trouble here as the Sentinels will instakill you and leave you and your stuff in a pile. They will give you warning.

You can start off by going to a mine world and getting some stuff to sell. You can get a loan and get into debt. You can buy coin with real world money.

Axis Coins - Everything you kill or mine gives you coins.  You can make stuff and get coins.
You can X another player and get the coins amount of damage that you have done to them. Run away if you can. If you are totally Xed, you respawn at 100 Hit Points.
You can stash equipment and coins in Banks or in your Home.
The Axis Mundi coin is an actual cryptocurrency. You can loan another player Axis Coins.  You can buy Axis Coins as an investment.

Inventory Slots - All starting players have an inventory. It's small but you can expand it with Coin.
Basic Weapons
Fist and Foot 5 everybody has this.
Club 10
Staff 15
Bow and Arrows 15
Slings and Stones 10
Pistol 10
Revolver 15
Rifle 20
Shotgun 25
SMG 10
AR 20

The weapons list can be huge. One can create their own weapons.

Devices and Powers Examples:
Stealth - Allows one to sneak and blend in.
Teleport - Allows one to instantly travel from one place to another.
Fly - Allows one to fly.
Swim - Allows one to travel underwater.
You have to buy a Mana Pool if you want to use Powers.

Vehicles and Ships:
If you got the Axis Mundi Coin then you can build what you want.  There will be of course generic cars.  Here is a list and Hits
Car 300
Cycle 100
Boat 200
Jet 300
Zepplin 500
Starship 200-10000+

Of course one can put weapons onto the vehicles.

Different Worlds

Mine Worlds - you can mine these to get material to build.  IT would not have as many options of material as some games but the basics would be there. A few Artifacts hidden about.  Watch out for claim jumpers and robbers.

View Worlds - World's that looks good and you can just hang out in them. Many of them are reproductions of real world places, such as clubs, churches, ECT. You can't mine or destroy View Worlds.  Some have no PVP or PVP Arenas but you don't actually get Xed. You can bet on each other. 
Mobs Possible.

Build Worlds - Empty world's that one can claim and build.  One must defend their claims.  Some are flat plains, others are wilderness. One can build cities and form nations.
Mobs Possible

MARKET Worlds - Worlds where you can buy, sell, and trade anything.  One can also set up shops and factories. You will need NPCs to work them. There are Sentinels in the controlled areas. Don't wander off into the Slums unless you can really take care of yourself.

War Worlds - Various worlds that are at a constant state of war 24 hours a day. Full of Artifacts. One can build on them as well. Can be ground, water, sky, and space.

Mega Dungeon World- A giant neverending dungeon of death.
Full of monsters and traps. Lots of crawling and ducking. The deeper you go, the more difficult it is. The lower levels go into hell itself! Full of Artifacts and Coin. There will also be areas to build your own.

Themed Worlds - World's that have different themes and some weapons and/or powers won't work in those worlds.  Different themes such as Fantasy, Steampunk, Horror, Science Fiction, Modern, Ancient, Post Apocalyptic.

Forbidden Worlds - World's for 18 and older content. Nothing is forbidden. All scum and slum and full of danger.  All functions and features work here but one can be Xed. Only go in large groups and/or with lots of weapons.

Mobs Galore

Different Types - These are the generic stats of minor monsters that lurk the different worlds. They can be different creatures in different worlds.  They are listed with Hit points and damage. Damage may be ranged. If it has +Ranged, it can attack physical and ranged.  If you encounter more powerful Mobs, run away until you can handle them.  If you Karma is at -2000, they consider you friendly.

Minions 10/1
Thugs 20/2
Stealers 20/1 plus steal coins.
Drainers 30/5
Zappers 30/5 Ranged
Soldiers 40/5
Healers 30/1 Heal 1 a second.
Strikers 30/10 Sealthy
Exploders 50/ 30
Titans 100/20
Blasters 50/10 Ranged
Destroyers 200/30 + Ranged
Devastator 500/50 +Ranged
Master 1000/50 +Ranged

Each one of these above will look different on different themed Worlds and may have different powers and effects.

Science Fiction
Post Apocalyptic


They go along with their lives, multiply, and grow old and die. An average NPC lives only about 5 years if not killed before that.  NPCs must be treated well. They can fix your buildings and produce items in factories. They can be sent to gather material if on a mine world.

Commoner 20/1
Teen 10/1
Kids 5/1
Elderly 10/1

Combat NPC
Guards - Weak security. 40/5
Ranged - Ranged attack 30/5
Troop - Powerful security.  50/10
Medic - Will heal the wounded. 30/1
Merchant - Will sell you stuff.  100/20
A.I.  Girlfriend/Boyfriend - Can meet with them and start a relationship. Becomes A.I. if you raise relationship to that level and buy a promise ring.  They may have A.I. Children. Be sure to protect them as they can be kidnapped and ransomed. They can live up to 10 years.  50/5

Have cards one can buy instead of just online sales. Have free to play but also different levels of membership.

Keep it simple for the player.

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