Tuesday, August 15, 2017

MASSIVE SALES OF DUNGEONPUNK RPG! and an attack by The Holy Zion Southern Women's Baptist Association!



I have set all sales records!

I am trying to sell 1.5 million copies!


I GOT ATTACKED BY NONE OTHER THAN MARY JO HEISZENFRO from The Holy Zion Southern Baptist Women's Association! 

This wackadoo believes that DUNGEONPUNK RPG is a tool of Satan as well as the internet. 

Turns out one of her member's adult child had a copy of my game and was caught naked with it! 

Turns out her and her group were kicked out of their church and went out and made their own. 

What's funny is her and her cronies because they don't use the internet have harassed the people that live at my old address!  

Like showing up at 3 in the morning in their choir robes signing hymns! 

People thought they were the Klan and shot at them!  

All I can say is!!!

Total Hysterical Ignorant Stupid 
Stupid Total Orgasmic Rudementry Yellow 
Imbecilic Silly 
Nauseating Oblong Titular  
Truly Rude Unsung Enigmatic!    


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  1. Eldrad you are so full of shit dude. But a good story.