Sunday, July 2, 2017


Being a DUNGEONPUNK you are in a world of backstabbing and deceit. How does one get out of this life? By adventuring in Dungeons and Ancient Crypts! Dungeons and Ancient Crypts are found everywhere. There most likely is one below the city, but if it has already been found then it's most likely looted.They go deep and have their own rules. For some reason the creators of dungeon always filled them with traps. What sick mind would do that? One who wants their treasures for themselves even if they are dead. That won't do. So what kid of traps are there? A game master can never stop making them up. Pit traps (with spikes, acid, boiling oil, flaming oil, etc.), darts, blades, heavy objects, traps, chutes, gases, poisons, alarms, magical effects, and whatever you can devise! Monsters are everywhere in dungeons. IF a dungeon has an empty area then it's trapped or there is something worse than a normal monster. Humanoids, evil cults and the undead tend to stalk dungeons as well as weird lowlife creatures such as giant insects, worms, slimes, and oozes. Dungeons undiscovered and not looted are full of gold and treasure. Remember that there are Magic Items that rule and suck. The Game Master should make up different magical rings, necklaces, belts, potions, scrolls, weapons and armor. Many magic items have a mind of their own and an agenda. Magic items of the lesser sort are part of everyday life. Items like magic lanterns, magical doors, pumps, and elevators. Beware! Anything of value can be treasure. An old book may be worth more than a pile of gold. A DUNGEONPUNK takes advantage of the situation and succeeds where other fail. Beware of cursed items as one cannot get rid of them easily. All cursed items have an agenda and that normally means you might be used and die in the process. Try and give them away or even better sell them to someone who sucks. Let's not forget that swords can fail you, stealth can fail you, magic can fail you, and even the gods can fail you. Always have another plan and an escape route. When you run out of Destiny then you are at the mercy of the dice and the dice hate you

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