Thursday, November 24, 2016


The White Trash Deep Woods RPG is progressing weirdly along in kind of disturbing ways. It'd not going to be like anything that has ever been released before that I know of. A weird trip that may be familiar to anyone who has visited weird small towns where something is "going on".

The PUNKs Game will be called PUNKs: Brimstone Lake City Tales and will set around 1988 to 1995 an era I call 199X. For me it felt like 100s of years passed in that short amount of time. The rules are going to be stripped down to a bare minimum, There also will be a huge music list of what we listened too to help get people in the mood when they play. If it goes well a playlist on YouTube as well.

Going to be also setting down the foundation (or not) for a weird game set in the early to middle 80s where a bunch of gamer nerd kids find an opening to a real fantasy world.

There is also plans (or not) of an 80s inspire Future Past game. A world that is the future as imagined in the early to middle 80s.

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