Friday, March 11, 2016

Expeditionary Campaigns

I am going to have to get off my duff and start a game of BttDRPG for a Expeditionary Campaign in the style of The West Marches. I have tried to gather up a few GMs but they have all failed to produce one single dungeon or session.  

I have a vision that if it succeeds will be like the sessions of old. 

Sadly the last few game  sessions have been ADD laugh fest as well as my ball and chain never wanting to game in my gaming building, thus ruing much of my ability to run my game as I can't get organised from a damn recliner. My arrow in my knee also seems to plan things during gaming days as well. Then the henpecker complains the game is not going very well. Somethings got to give and it is not going to be gaming or me.  

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