Thursday, July 9, 2015

Dungeon Crawl Classics a Review Part 1, BttDRPGv1.5, Playtesting of BttDRPGv1.5

Dungeon Crawl Classics a Review Part 1

Oh my gods! What an incredible piece of gaming ART! What a fantastic presentation of the random and the profane! Goodman games is not afraid! They have cam up with one of the most incredible RPGs that I have ever seen. Taking the art of the RPG to a "whole nuther level".

The RPG is an art but let's talk about the art! First of all the artwork in this book is so beautifully done that it would take years to totally catch all of it. One will find themselves suddenly discovering another detail that was not noticed from the art.

The rules are a non OGL yet still kinda D20 version of the rules. The "BASIC" interpretation of the rules are here such as the classes cleric, fighter, thief, wizard, elf, dwarf, and finally halfling. OH to the modern gamer this sounds so uncool but they have MADE it cool once again.

ONE does not simple choose to play what he or she wants as one must travel through the FUNNEL in order to make a zero level character. OH how cool. (SO cool that I kinda stole it and made my own version for my own game). You roll the 3d6 in order and you like it. You do this three to four times and then randomly roll what you are on a D100. You now have three to four level zero victims that must claw their way to first level!

More on part 2.

Back to the Dungeon RPG V1.5

 I finally have come out with the  1.5 version. Do it yourself gaming. The old 1970s style.

Playtesting of BttDRPG

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