Sunday, September 14, 2014

What if in Back to the Dungeon RPG?

What if I got rid of all my classes and just had four classes ONLY.

Warrior - The Fighting man
Wanderer - The skirmisher or ranger type.
Wastrel - The thief criminal type.
Weaver - The caster of magic of all kinds.

HMMM What if?


  1. The all "W"s is a nice touch.

    You could always add "Worshipper" if you wanted a religious character.

  2. I'd say you would have a great game where the players get even more focused on being awesome and stop worrying about details like character class as much ... but I'm all for trimmed down lists of options and letting the gameplay define characters. Go for it!

  3. I'd say go for it. Like Dale, I am inclined to letting game play define characters. I prefer characters to be awesome because of what the player chooses to do with them, rather than because of inherent skills of class and race.