Sunday, February 16, 2014

We Can Never Be Has-beens!

We are Gamers and WE can never be Has-beens!

Pen and Paper Tabletop is what I am talking about.

UNLIKE other hobbies and such where in one's youth there was a rise, then a peak and decline, we can always have another glory day!

We don't have to sit around and talk about how good it was in the old days because we can still live new ones!

Unlike other hobbies we can game until the day we die if we can talk and roll a dice!

We can become young again! We can have adventures! We can become some other person or being!

Nothing else can do what gaming does!

A gathering of friends old and new with a twinkle in our eyes ready for adventure!

The smell of fowl and loin cooking upon the grill! Slow cooked soups and vegetable trays sometimes replace sodas and chips.

Dark beer and fine bourbons flowing mixed with the smell of incense and fine cigars coming in from the outside. 

It's not like it was in our youth but something more deep.

We look around and see or children are there at the table as well, having their experience with the game.  

Hopefully we have been good stewards of the hobby and have ignited and passed the torch to them.

So you still have a chance to gather your party and explore through dungeons deep and caverns old!

You still have a chance to delve the labyrinth!

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