Sunday, December 15, 2013

Sci Fi RPG Rules Light Framework

I am working on the  Framework for a Rules Light Sci Fi RPG.

I wrote a % Based one years ago and have resurrected and destroyed it many times. Sci Fi RPGs tend to be overcomplicated and such. Mine is kinda dated in technology as I saw it in the 80s and 90s.

I want one that can do all genres. 

I want one that is simple. I like % systems. SO here is the initial framework. 

Four attributes.  Average is 25%.  Roll 5f10 each one.

Physique - How healthy and strong you are. Uses: Resistance, Hit Points, Physical Combat.

Reflex - How quick, agile, and coordinated you are.  Uses: Shooting, Dodging, Initiative, Piloting.

Technology - How technologically adept you are.  Uses: Science, Races, Planets.

Interaction - Your personality and leadership ability. Uses: Command, Con, Seduce. 

Each attribute also has a descriptor to give the character a story.

Ace Starhole
Physique 45 Tough Guy and Trained Soldier.
Reflex 49 Hotshot pilot and expert marksman.
Technology 23 Not a rocket scientist.
Interaction 40 A smooth guy ladies man.

That's all I got, going to see the Hobbit...

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