Sunday, March 24, 2013

The Gangs of Raven's Keep

"In a little Barony far far in the Western Frontier"

Gangs are a problem in any kingdom or empire. Here are a few that have moved into or formed in The Little Barony.

Bonstas - A really vicious and tough gang that is empire wide.
They believe in blood and fear.
They are know for killing every person in an area to send a message.
They also know how to disappear when the law comes to take them out.

The Foreigners - They are criminals from foreign lands that have no loyalty or ties.
They commonly take on any gangs in their way.
They also have many spys and assassins and can and will do espionage for any other foreign power.

The Ladorians- A thievery's guild specialized in robbing nobles.
They are ran by a sect of evil clerics who worship a god called "The Ladder".

The Daggers - A lowlife guild of thieves and thugs.
They don't know when to back off and are not very careful.
They also take anyone who wants to join if they survive the beat in.

The Martins - A very large and organized group much like the Bonstas but with seemingly more class.
They are in league with devils though.

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