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Notes from my old 3.5 setting called LAKE CHARLEMAGNE a fantasy version of Lake Charles, LA.

Year 1012


There was a terrible storm during the year 1005 that devastated our coast (Hollyvale and Cameroon) by tidal wave. Then a group of unknown foreigners rallied a few thousand of the desperate people of Hollyvale and Cameroon into an army to take over Lake Charlemagne. Luckily the Brotherhood (An organization of Rangers) were spying on this army (Now called the Stormraiders) and reported what they were up too. The army did actually attack and sack the southern part of Lake Charlemagne. The drafted army of the Duke quickly put an end to the Stormraider’s plans when their leaders fell the army routed. The Stormraiders were not truly evil people just desperate people who lost everything. The routed army has went back to their lands to rebuild. Even though it was only a portion of the people of Hollyvale and Cameroon that were Stormraiders the cruel and evil things that people are doing (out of ignorance) to those people is horrible. Many of the Stormraider captives as well as women and children are now being sold as slaves. The government is not listening to their complaints about severe mistreatment and abuse from weekend adventurers and aristocrats.

This was a year of swords and sorcery! A party of heroes arrived from Lake Charlemagne to go back home to the Sutherlands. They found that the Cypress Stump the souther port and tavern leading into the Sutherlands had been raided by a group of chaotic Evil Hobgoblins that had slaughtered and tortured most of the patron to death. It was then found out that the Hobgoblins had taken over Bruce Woods. Many unsuccessful attempts were made at rescuing Bruce Woods but finally it was rescued. The party of brave adventures found out that the Hobgoblins had been stirred by the “Builders of the Roads” who turned out to be Ancients whose civilization had disappeared sometime in the ancient past. They were advised by the mysterious Scarred Mage to find the ancient four lamps and bring them to the temple north of the Oldwoods. There is much lost history here. It is said that the heroes gathered all four lamps and headed north. It is rumored that the party of adventures failed at their quest because they could not work as a group. All is know is that they failed and the world as we know it died. Evil energy flowed out and warped and broke the world some years ago. Monsters and other fell beast came forth and butchered many of the peoples of this land. Many people fled on whatever boats they could but the evil followed. Many were taken as slaves by cruel humanoid masters. Others walled themselves into safe havens, raiding other areas for food and supplies at war with each other and the monsters outside. Are there heroes that can clear these monsters away and bring the people together?

It is now year 1009 and the world has changed. All outside settlements have been destroyed or razed but a few are holding on. The healthy population of Lake Charlemagne's 7000 people is now a measly 3500 people as the people have fled to neighboring lands. The city itself is full of monsters. Will the characters become heroes and rebuild the city?

1010-1011 A full scale war came to the Lands! Many of the people that fled the Breaking told of what happened and many adventurers came forth to slay foul beast. When many did not return armies were raised by the various aristocratic councils that were in exile and the Lands and Lake Charlemagne were taken back by war!

It seems that the people were not as routed and defeated as most thought. The Brotherhood called rangers from all the surrounding lands and began killing monster they could find. Cavaliers formed a huge force of fifty riders and began patrolling the areas surrounding Lake Charlemagne. The people are back and have been made stronger by the Breaking. The wilderness is still very dangerous and monster filled. More details are below.

Port City of Lake Charlemagne (Lake Charles) A bustling city of 7000+ on the gulf coast. A very old settlement full of pirates and nobles, a place where if one is not careful, can get into trouble. A lot of revelry going on as the aristocracy of Lake Charlemagne tend to have festivals and revels at the drop of a hat. The summers are hot with very few cold winters.

Port City
Lake Charlemagne
CG small city
Corruption +0; Crime +1; Economy +1; Law -7; Lore -1; Society -4
Qualities academic, magically attuned, notorious, tourist attraction
Danger + 35 Disadvantages Hunted
Government Council
Population 7,000 (4,500 humans; 1,000 elves; 500 dwarfs; 1000 other races)
Notable NPCs

Base Value 6,000 gp; Purchase Limit 37,500 gp; Spellcasting 9th
Minor Items 4d4; Medium Items 3d4; Major Items 1d6

11 Districts
1. Old City – The Old City is a ruined set of ruins that are rumored full of monsters. Even in good times this section of Lake Charlemagne always has been cursed. It has dungeons that go far beneath the earth and many ruins still standing above ground.
Buildings – Ancient and tall stone buildings with a few newer rotting wooden building built during the first good years of Lake Charlemagne.
Streets – Wide to narrow streets overgrown with weeds and mud due to flooding in this low area. Trash and debris scattered about.
People – Only the insane or adventurous come here. This place be full of monsters.
Sights – Old ancient building still in tact full of all kinds of monsters separated by the River.
Smells – The smell of mold mud and stink.
Sounds – Quite and creepy with the sounds of things skittering.

2. Docks – The Docks and surrounding neighborhood is full of fishermen and stevedores. The place has been rebuilding since the bad times. There is no telling what you can find here as ships from all over the world come here once again. Toward the souther end are various walled estates that offer some help for a price.
Buildings – Desolate docks and warehouses on the waterfront many made from cypress and oak timbers with stone mined from far north. Farther back are more warehouses, shops and fishmonger stalls. There are various safe houses here throughout the docks area full of refugees.
Streets – The streets are wide to allow carts and wagons to pass through.
People – All kinds of races can be found here as in most port towns. Mostly fishermen and stevedores.
Sights – The banging of hammers and the sawing of wood as the industrious people of the docks are rebuilding the damaged areas from the breaking. People carting huge baskets of fish.
Smells – Normally the smell of the fish mongers hangs over the place.
Sounds – The sound of the docks, bells ringing and various dockworkers.

3. Noble District – The Noble District is an area of walled estates. Fully supplied before the Breaking they also had extensive farms and ranches.
Buildings – There are huge walled manors and walled estates as well as neighborhoods.
Streets – The streets are wide and cobblestoned. The streets are lined with continual flame lamps.
People – Many of noble blood (Truebloods)are here. Very fine and well dressed men and women. Many private guards and such.
Sights – Huge walled manors decorated with finery. Huge glass windows looking out on vast walled estates. Always a party or celebration as the Nobles are trying to forget these past terrible times.
Smells – The aroma of fine incenses and perfumes, the smells of some of the finest food in the area.
Sounds – Music, laughter, joy. The sounds of the board nobles as they set themselves back into their old ways and intrigues.

4. Commons District – The place where the majority of the common working people live.
Buildings – There are many small one storied homes with a few multi generation homes of larger size. Many have a store or business in the front unless they work elsewhere. Only the districts have walls and not the yards themselves. Starting to get crowded but not as bad as the slums. A few large factories have sprung up. There is a bitter rivalry against the people of Old Town.
Streets – Narrow cobblestone streets lit by the lamplighters.
People – Mostly average humans and demi-humans.
Sights – People coming back and forth to other districts. Children and teens running around playing.
Smells – Smell of food cooking and sewer. The smell of manure and smoke from wood burning fires.
Sounds – Sounds of people making too much noise. Simple folk music. Dogs barking.

5. Civic District – This is the area where the Royals live as well as the courthouse and town guard.
Buildings – Large regal buildings made of alabaster and marble. All in a walled area. A huge walled castle in the center. Huge cathedrals and shrines.
Streets – The streets are wide and made of the finest stone. Marble statues line the streets with fountains and water gardens. Continual flame lamps light the streets and the buildings.
People – The most foppish of dress trying to impress the Royal Family (Highbloods). Draconian guards that will spill your blood.
Sights – Parades and lavish parties. Trials and court proceedings where the Nobles go free and the lesser people are punished.
Smells – Burning incense and perfumes in the air as well as the smell of flowers.
Sounds – The ringing of church bells, singing from the cathedrals, political speeches, and many other sounds.

6. Old Town Slum – The poor and roting buildings offer a maze that the poor can use to outrun the dangers that lurk here. The entire slum looks like one giant rotting building.
Buildings – many large old rotting homes with smaller homes built onto them. In some cases they are build up and over older homes. Homes are built with anything that can be found. Magic protects it from burning down.
Streets – Many narrow streets and alleyways with some passing through others homes. Lit by lamps and torches.
People – All kinds of desperate poor and criminal type.
Sights – Overpopulation, whores, pimps, dirty poor and their children.
Smells – This place has a terrible indescribable smell.
Sounds – Laughter, arguments, breaking glass, cats, dogs, violence, crying, music, sex, and whatever.

7. Ruined Civic District – This is the dark and haunted (even before the Breaking) civic district from the former rules that were killed out in some kind of civil war. These crumbling ruins are still standing tall and haunted by all forms of undead and beast.
Buildings – Ancient and old buildings from some olden lost age. All of the structures are huge and many are empty. Most of the buildings are made of some dark stone and wood.
Streets – Wide and ornate streets. Most of the street lamps are broken but a few still burn. Everything looks blackened and trash, dirt, and mud cover the streets as well as the occasional dead animal or vagrant.
People – Only a very few insane or desperate people live here.
Sights – The great haunted cathedral and the bone horde underground cemetery.
Smells – The place smells old and moldy with a hint of decay and sewer.
Sounds – Weird whispers, music, screams, sounds of beast!

8. Old Town – Here the commoners of the original ilk live here and there is a very bitter rivalry between the Commons area. There are a few factories and guilds here.
Buildings – Much like the commons district except the homes are much older.
Streets – The streets are dirt or cobblestone lit by lamplighters and some very old continual flame lamps.
People – Mostly average humans and demi-humans. There are many older people here as well. A few criminal lurking around.
Sights – People coming back and forth from other districts. A few kids and even more teens.
Smells – The smell of food cooking, incense, sewer, animals, and wood burning.
Sounds – Nice and quite, a few dogs barking, very good folk music and singing.

9. Guild Town – This the various Guilds' neighborhood that has joined forces with the traders.
Buildings – Various huge defensible fortress homes that serve as guild halls. All on many acres.
Streets – Huge spread out roads and yards. Here are very cleared out fields that can see an enemy coming.
People - Guild Folk and their guards. Many bored Guild Childes.
Sights - Guild parties, Guild events, Guild competitions. Merchant wagons delivering.
Smells – Very fine food cooking, forges burning, perfumes, incense, fires burning.
Sounds – The sounds of men working, hammers banging, animals.

10. University District – The wonderful area of learning had been reduced to and undead pit of hell. It is now once again a place of learning.
Buildings – Many fine repaired and rebuild university buildings.
Streets – Many small walkways and roads all beautifully decorated all lit up with many continual flame lamps.
People – Students from all over, many strage professors, foreign students come here to research and learn.
Sights – Many lovely students, the University Guard, demonstrations, the zoo of monsters, debates, and parties!
Smells – Very clean and fresh air, perfumes, incense, food of all sorts, animals of all kinds,
Sounds – The sound of horns, music, debates, laughter, and fun.

11. Traders – A huge group of merchant manors that have places to sell good, a renaissance version of a mega mall and shopping center.
Buildings – Huge merchant allies. Many under one huge roof. There is also an entire secret living areas hidden from the view of the shoppers.
Streets – Wide to allow merchants to deliver and people to cart away good they have bought. Very well lit by continual flame lamps.
People – People of all sorts but the guards will harass and follow suspicious visitors.
Sights – Items from all over the world are possible.
Smells – The smell of food cooking, perfumes, incense, sweat, and fabrics.
Sounds – Always making noise late into the night. Laughter, hawkers, animals, conversations.

12. New Town – A newely formed group of nobles formed by the Highbloods to stop incestuous deformities. They come from the High Guild members. Rivals with The Estates.
Buildings – New sturdy Estates not build with the skill of the olden kind with huge yards.
Streets – Wide and spaced out yards with mostly dirt streets though most will be cobblestoned soon.
People – New lower Nobles called Swells (or mud huggers by Trueblood nobles)

13. The Estates – here is the lower nobles estates as well as the finer schools. Unfortunately now they have turned against each other and are split into warring factions due to wounds cause by the breaking. They only stop fighting to fight New Towners.
Buildings – Old fine walled estates, small servant hoods between.
Streets – Wide and ornate lit by continual flame lamps. The streets are empty at night and all the gates closed.
People – Lower nobility (Truebloods) and servants that work here and in town. A higher noble or royal visitor looking for a bride or a mistress.
Sights – During the day it is very busy much like the Noble District but not as fine.
Smells – Much like the Noble District but not as fine.
Sounds – Much like the Noble District but not as fine.

Westloch (Westlake) – Many of the Westlochers have begin to rebuild. Their rivalry with the Sutherlands has intensified from misplaces anguish.

Sutherlands (What is now Moss Bluff, Gillis, Topsy, joining in with Ragley) – It has around 1000+ people now and they are rebuilding from the ruins except for Bruce Woods which was fairly untouched save for one successful hobgoblin raid.

The Sutherlands was an area of nice manors and tamed forest just northeast of Lake Charlemagne. It has now been cut off after the collapse of the old imperial bridge though a ferry has been built. It has fine brick walls surrounding most of the neighborhoods. All were breached save Bruce Woods.

The Sutherland Academy: The academy was a satellite school based out of Hugestone. It has been rebuild from the ruins.

The Great Imperial Park: Was a private hunting land of the aristocrats ran by a tribe of wood elves who reclaimed it from Orcs.

The Old Sutherlands: The oldest neighborhood in the Sutherlands. A few Dwarfish strongholds are there have established order and many humans have moved back.

The Magnolia Forest: The second oldest neighborhood in the Sutherlands. It very upscale and full of manors. Sadly a black dragon and a tribe of Goblins have taken over and enslave the very few surviving inhabitants.

Servant’s Hood: This poor neighborhood has been recolonized.

The Bruce Woods: A neighborhood created by Lord Bruce on the edge of the Burnt Swamp. It is frequented by a small party of adventurers called the “Bruce Wood Bastards”.

Coffee Hill: Was a new fine neighborhood with giant manors and tall stone walls. The only problem is the land that Coffee Hill sits upon is said to be cursed. It has been rebuilt and fortified.

South Ferry River Way Necropolis: A giant ancient graveyard with dates before the land was known to be settled. It is said that the necropolis is an entrance to a great crypt called the Bonehole. All is quiet here since the clerics have blessed it.

South Ferry River Way: A large river neighborhood that skirts the River Charlemagne. Due to good fishing it has been totally recolonized.

North Ferry River Way: A series of walled commoner neighborhoods all being rebuilt.

The Market: This is the main farmers market that is now a fortress and a market.

The Old Haunted Market: A fine market until one night the gates shut and all the people disappeared. A church tried to open up there but the priest daughter disappeared and foul things were rumored to of happened. It still lies empty and cursed

Charlemagne River: A huge river that winds and splits far to the northern trade routes and south to the coast. It has many branches and it is advised not to wander from the main waterways. It cuts the Burnt swamp into many pieces. Many a large unknown thing swims in this river as well as alligators and crocodiles in the area. The Buccaneers that use this waterway are know for their ferocity.

Burnt Swamp: This is the swamp that separates Lake Charlemagne and the Sutherlands from each other. Anyone who ventures to far into the unmapped swamps goes missing. It is rumored to be full of trolls but they keep their distance and the people keep out of the swamps for the most part. Rumor has it a large black shape has been seen flying about the swamp. A tribe of semi friendly lizard folk lurk about the outer edges. There are many Buccaneer encampments in the area.

The Sutherland Highway (Hwy 378)This cobblestone road crosses the Old Imperial Highway and heads west to Westlakeland and east to Magnola forest.

The Old Imperial Highway North (Hwy 171) This highway starts just north of Lake Charlemagne in the Sutherlands as the old imperial bridge collapsed during the storm. There is now a ferry present and a few nobles are working on it. The Old Imperial Highway North leads into Ragwood and beyond.

Ragwood (Ragley, Longville) - Ragwood is a full huge forest with a few overgrown cow fields in the mix. Any small neighbor hoods encountered will have wooden walls around it. A few very old encampments have stone walls from stone quarries north of the Longwoods have been rebuilt.

Ragwood Keep: A keep and farmer's market.

Ragwood Forest: All of Ragwood save the fields is an old growth forest.

The Ragwood School: Lies in ruins and has been ransacked by goblinoids and ogres. It has quite a detailed library of monsters left to it from an old wizard that passed away some 20 years ago.

The Old Imperial Highway North (Hwy 171) This highway starts just north of Lake Charlemagne in the Sutherlands as the old imperial bridge collapsed during the storm. There is an abandoned ferry present. The Old Imperial Highway North leads into Ragwood .

The Old Imperial Highway East and West (Hwy 190/12) The highway that leads into the Bigwoods west stopping on the Border River’s (Sabine) very dangerous swamps.

Brimstone (Sulphur) People are coming back although it is not safe at night.

Pochay Town (Sulphur) This small town was never completely taken due to all the rouges, sorcerers and witches.

Bigwoods (Edgerly, Toomey, Starks, Vinton) The farms have all became walled or hilled fortresses and when the bells are rang and the warning fires lit the farmers all come out in a huge force. It is said that druids and the fey protect this land.

Longwoods (Longville) All back and their quarries and farms are back in operation.

Oldwoods (Deridder, Reeves, Dry Creek) The Oldwoods have became their own woodland kingdom.

Holebrook (Area between Moss Bluff, Sulphur, Dequincey) This a ranger and druid run of woods.

Eastway Fields (Iowa, Lebleau Settlement, Crowley, Lake Arthur, Jennings) The Eastway is now it's own independent kingdom.

Cameroon (Cameron, Hackberry) A pirate kingdom ran by Stormraiders

Hollyvale (Holly Beach, Johnson Bayou, and other beaches) The other beach lands of the pirate kingdoms.

Imperial Highway
To the west Hugestone
To the east Crimson Babel and Saint Orleans
To the north Freeport
Post Storm
Southlander coastal invasion also called the Stormraiders
Black Dragon’s Goblin Raiders.
Return of the Heroes
Failure of the Heroes
The Breaking
1009 The Return of the Gathering of Heroes The Rebuilding.
1012 A call to adventure

The Gods of Lake Charlemagne

Artas m LN Law Knowledge Strength Protection War Hammer

He is the god of the city. He is the Builder. He is Artas. He takes the poor from the slums and gives them shelter. He takes the hungry and gives them food. He takes the wilderness and makes city. One day the entire world shall become one great city! Shall you be cast away as scrap wood? Whoa to those foolish in the wild that stand in the way of Artas! He has shown us the way to make building of stone wood and steel! Tall buildings as great as the ancient’s great buildings. Fall not into drunkenness and whoredom, as this shall be your downfall. You shall get married and have many children in the name of Artas. You shall have a great house if you are worthy with many wives. Those who do not shall have only one wife or none! You shall only then be able to drink the strong drink if you are a master of a great house. All of you and your children shall learn great crafts and professions for the glory of Artas. Whoa to those who bring up the undead or converse and deal with demons and devils for they shall be cast into a lake of fire. Whoa to those who cast foul magic that in not to the glory of Artas!

Herne m N Travel Plant Earth Animal Longbow
Herne is the old god of the hunt and is worshiped by many rangers and druids. There are many roadside shrines in the wilderness where weary worshipers can stay safe from dangers on the road.

Wholic m LN Law Destruction Protection War Long Sword
Wholic is a stern god with large ornate stone cathedrals. The papacy of Wholic make sure to build cathedrals where ever he has worshipers.
Pental m CG Air Chaos Good Luck Mace
Batiste m NG Fire Good Healing Water Mace
Polos m CN Chaos Luck Travel Trickery Quarterstaff
Lumanara f LG Law Good Healing Sun Mace

Smule m LE Law Evil Knowledge Magic Quarterstaff
Ashash f NE Death Evil Trickery Knowledge Spear
Nigrish m CE Chaos Evil Destruction War

Gods can have temples from any other RPG source. No one god rules this world.

Caboose various Appendices
• Most of the player characters are veterans from this Stormraider's war.
• Some of the players could be Stormraiders looking for enslaved family or revenge.
• An emissary from Bearmount, Saint Orleans, Baton Red etc. For trade or possibly a Spy.
• A dwarf from the north as there are very few dwarves here in these low lands.
• An elf from one of the various secret villages. The elves secrecy is a thorn in the side of the human aristocracy and
• Refugee returned
• Haven Survivor
• Wilderness Survivor.
The Heat:
The heat is a constant problem for armored characters. See the DMG. Many of the aristocracy have their houses cooled by
elemental coolers as well as most major gathering places. The Endure Elements ritual is very commonly cast during the


Lake Charlemagne Core Rules
1.Take your current modern city’s population and divide it by 20. This is your fantasy city’s current population.
2. Use the standard method for character creation. Standard PHB races and classes unless allowed by the DM. Get some
players. Be honest. (THIS WAS 3.5 but now it would be Pathfinder. Not my favorite set of rules but the setting was made based on these rules.)
3. Now start creating maps based off of real world geography. Use most of your main streets and waterways. If living in
dangerous areas the cities need to be walled. Many of the bridges can be replaces by ferry crossings although huge bridges
and landmarks should be converted into gigantic ruins. Add in the demi-human races and their areas. For instance in
forested areas and parks add elves and gnomes. Any rocky areas add Dwarves and such. Don’t forget to add areas where the
foul humanoids live. The world has to be still untamed.
4. We will use the core rulebooks at first and go from there.
5. Every Player and DM MUST contribute to the setting by writing up at least a shop or building in the setting. Yes the
players help write the game making it more theirs. Remember to not go too far.

Other Rules. Time units and Calendar. There are 365 days in a year. Unless the players want to write up a special calendar
then we will use the standard earth calendar, as in days of the week and names of the month. There will be 365 time units
that a character must spend as he plays. One day equals 1 time unit. A week is 7 time units. The starting day of the first
official game will be Jan. the 1st. Year unknown until we come up with a story.

Is Odd Earth a good name for the world? It's a name I came up with when I was in the ODD Guild.

Odd as in Old Dungeons & Dragons?

New Skills, Feats, Classes, and Rule Variants in general will be judged very harshly. If your idea is rejected go rewrite it and
then resubmit it. We are not trying to write rules we are trying to create a setting with the PFRPG rules as the framework.
Any artwork, poetry, and adventures will be used if possible with full credit given to it’s creator.

This has to be the campy old school type of gaming mixed with the new rules.

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