Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Looking ahead to 2013

Well I plan to get everything paid off this year if possible. Somehow I am going to go to school after that.

Then I plan to run some games my way using BttDRPG and get some of the old gaming group back together plus a few other select people.

I am going to take critiques and slowly get BttDRPG into better shape. Why? It's what I want to run. It's how I want to run a game. It takes away all the complaints the players have with old school gaming. If some of them still don't like how and what I am running then they can hit the road.

I notice that I get these people together to game and they start making demands on what they want to play even when I have told them I like simpler old school rules.

I end up running rule systems I don't like and the game always collapses under the weight of the rules system. Then I hear "well I can run a game it does not seem that hard".

Most of them cannot run games very well and all have said "damn these rules are hard to run."

Hopefully my system is the answer to bridge between all of the styles of play AND running. It would be nice to play.

Hopefully some global coastal event does not happen.

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