Saturday, December 17, 2011

Test Copy of CFRPG

This is a test copy. What I am hoping for is one 40 page booklet but it looks like the game will be longer. Charlie and I have decided to split it up into at least 3 books. There is no schedule on this but we are hoping sometime in January to release a no art version beta test. Don't really care if it is perfect it just needs to have good content presented where gamers can understand and play it.


  1. Needs work. A lot of work.

    Perhaps you should get an adult to help you with it? Your mommy might be willing to help. The little bit you've revealed here is completely without merit.

  2. I already got your mom helping me with other stuff.

  3. From further writing and clarification, the CORE rulebook may, in fact, be in the 40 to 64 page range. I would like it to be around 40 pages myself.