Saturday, October 1, 2011

CFRPG Update.

Well my partner in crime D&D Charlie on my yahoo group has been pecking away as the editor of my CFRPG. So far he has the document looking professional. I got kinda teary eyed on how good he made it look.

I never seem to have time to keep this going but seeing all organized is well INSPIRING!

So far there has been no open bridge between the old and new school gaming and I hope this may be the answer for a few people. Old school simplicity of rules with new school options WITHOUT getting bogged down in huge rulebooks.

Easy to run and easy to play.

Free to very cheap, pay if you like it or not, free to kids, print it yourself, make copies for your friends, distribution model. Once perfected there could be a POD version but that is far away for now.

I hope other people take the rules and...
Make books of more spells!
Make monster manuals!
Make more races and classes! More options the better but still keep em simple.
Make Modules! Lots of modules!
Living Campaign Based on your real world geography?
Would people oppose a free approval process where one's creation would be checked over and approved so not to come out with a game killing class or race?

So is there room for another retro-clone? Yes, No, and Maybe.

Is there room for a Bridge-Clone? OR whatever you want to call what the heck we are doing? I don't know. I will have to hear what people think.

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  1. Thanks for the comments on my work so far. I think there is room for a bridge-clone or neo-clone or whatever you want to call it.