Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Time to give up on the Old School (well mostly)

Well it looks like my group has won.

They just don't dig the old stuff, or will even try it. They have had good times but the OSR type of gaming just don't have the features they like.

SO I just have started only writing adventures for the 4th edition only and will put my OSR stuff on the shelf to collect dust.

Most of all are they having fun? Do I push the OSR and not play at all or run the games they want? I would rather game then not.


  1. Perhaps it's time to find a new group.

  2. I know how it feels. My group is split, half like the old stuff, half like the new. We try to play along when we're doing the style we don't really like, but it's telling that in the past year we've started and ended 4 campaigns now, and had another 3-4 proposed and partially prepped that never got played.

    I don't need a new group, I need a bigger group so that we can split in two and play both.

  3. Maybe there's someone out there on the OSR forums (Mythmere's, Goblinoids, or ?) that would Skype a game with you? OSR players are definitely harder to find... don't give up!

  4. There's more to old-school than the rule-set you're using! You can still be an old-school DM even if the players are still obsessing about feat/skill selection ;)

  5. Well thanks for the replies.
    NO way to find another group but despite their faults they are a great group of people AND they don't mind my faults.

    The new stuff won BUT like Al said there's ways to old school it.

    PLUS 4th edition does have many positive qualities as I have said before. I have now spend the monster budget very differently now making the experience more enjoyable.

    If some of my tactics suggestions are listened too and the party starts acting like a team then many of the combats will go faster.

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