Sunday, February 14, 2010

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The 4th edition has it's great parts.

There are some really cool things about 4th edition such as my sorcerer, rouges, and the whole at will, per encounter, and per day powers setup.

Where it goes wrong is too many modifiers, too many hit points, not enough damage done to monsters, too long of combats as you go up in levels.

In fact last night it took 9 hours to do 3 encounters.

It's a completely different play style from any other version of D&D.
There is no fear of death as your character can mow through most encounters.
You have no need for NPCs and if like in the old days one would hire NPCs the DM would have lot's of trouble running the monsters and NPCs.

In S&W, Basic and OSRIC I can run HUGE combats with a party of five, plus ten NPCs against 20 orcs with no slow down of the story.

I am trying to convince my group to try OSRIC in an old school dungeon crawl as they did not dig S&W or BFRPG. I got dungeons ready to roll just need a few more overly long sessions of 4th to convince them.

Don't get me wrong there are some things I like about 4th edition just liking the system less and less every game.

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  1. You might hold out some of the classic 1e AD&D modules as bait for the players if they are on the fence about playing OSRIC! Might bring 'em over...