Friday, October 30, 2009

How do I make my own small and low budget gaming convention?

How do I make my own gaming convention?

I want it to be low budget and low cost.

Like having in a rec center for one day only

Low like five dollars a person.

It would be in the Lake Charles, La area.

Any ideas out there?


  1. Get a co-conspirator. Organizing is huge amount of work and sometimes stress. Good to have shoulder to lean/cry on.

    Most cities have various "halls" that are available for rent. Check out how much they would be.

    Is there a game store with space. If so you should have it there. If it's successful it will naturally grow into a more traditional convention space.

    Find sponsors for schwag, prizes.

    Good luck!

  2. I would suggest getting in touch with Dan from Fear the Boot and Luke from the Podgecast. Together they put on my favorite Con ever with Fear the Con I, it was small, 1 day, and cheap. Plus they are both really nice guys.

  3. First, GREAT idea! A tiny con (nano con?) sounds like a lot of fun. I agree that it can be a lot of work. Here's a few low-cost ideas to consider to promote it:

    1. Hang up some flyers at your FLGS--find a buddy to dress it up with some cheesy artwork!
    2. See if FLGS is interested in sponsoring or at least helping to spread the word to their customers
    3. Make up a separate blog page and/or Facebook page for people to get info/share through their own pages
    4. Post an image of your flyer (at least the text) in forums for some of the higher traffic RPG game sites

    Another idea for sponsor schwag, there are several sponsors for Free RPG Day:

    ...might be worth contacting the retailers listed to see if they have any leftovers you could give as door prizes or for "best gamer of the day".

    Sounds like a lot of fun--please be sure to keep us updated if it begins to take shape!